Our Projects


QUEST is specially designed programs for children of ages between 4 – 15 years. It is a yearlong, leveled, multi-disciplinary program. These programs hone children’s Communicative and Thinking Skills. The process is designed through inquiry units modeled on the Teaching for Understanding Framework.  At the end of the level children walk out with establishing an identity, exploring the self, thinking in different ways, asking good questions, getting organized, taking responsibility and learning personal leadership.

Mom’s Time Out:

This program addresses a strong need felt to facilitate a group of moms who can grow share learn and feel joyous about them.  In this program we explore questions of identity, create spaces for sharing and a space where the mother can say, Here I am ME, just ME – no other identity! The MOM’S TIME OUT PROGRAM offers long-term and short workshops from time to time. We use dialogues, movement, art, language and action work to help Moms for experience the freedom in expression.


SETUBANDH is a bridge of love and friendship with the underprivileged of our society. Here we work with a group of 40 slum children in Kalali, 25 children of factory workers in Halol and 15 adolescent muslim girls in Tandalja. The purpose of this program is to build hope, possibility, positivity and resilience into the community. We use innovative methods and techniques to unleash their inner strength and creativity and inspire them to become self guided individuals.


Lemonade is a youth initiative of AURA. This is a 6 month program where we invite city youth to identify their hearts vision and engage them in developing skills, relationships and practices they need to manifest their vision. Lemonade is an incubation center for raw IDEAS to transform into Real Action. Every success in designing a simple workable solution boosts their Creative Confidence which then equips them to design solutions across board.

Seasonal Blossoms:

Every so often there are special times that take children to a different level, a different experience. Our Standalone workshops are short term ranging from 2 days to a week long. For these we invite resource persons from different fields to conduct skill or talent based workshops with children and adults. It is our effort to call in people from all fields and walks of life. The workshops are usually held over the weekend or during school vacations.

Community Magic Box:

Community Magic Box is our way to hug the larger community with magic. Every year we have been going into the larger community of schools and corporate with interesting concepts of service. Every year we have a new concept, a new community, new ways to serve and lots of fun. Some of our magic projects are 100 hours of Service Project, One for peace, Jtex, Sarai – teacher training.

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