Community Magic Box

Now the Community Magic Box is our way to hug the larger community with magic. Every year we have been going into the larger community of schools and corporate with interesting concepts of service. Every year we have a new concept, a new community, new ways to serve and lots of fun. Some of our magic projects are:

A. 100 hours of Service Project

This is our fifth year of existence as AURA – a learning place. As we enter the fifth year, what is worth celebrating is the learning journey of each AURAMATE. We have moved from being adults who care passionately about the way learning happens for children, to being adults who know how to convert that passion into meaningful and deep action. We have learnt designing learning experiences, facilitating children’s learning and growing within.

There is so much more to discover!!! But then, let’s SHARE! Let’s go out there and offer our wisdom, our talents, our passions in service so many more can benefit.

At AURA, each year, every learner gets roughly 100 hours of structured learning time. This seems to make a magical difference. Hence we have conceived the 100 HOUR PROJECT, where we will be in service to a larger group over a period of one year, 10 working months and 10 hours each month. Let’s see what this magic brings to US as individuals and to the community! Invoking blessings from the universe to empower each individual on this journey!

B. One for peace

In 200 .. 18 schools, 4000 children, 18000 cranes, 1 mission . . . PEACE.

Sadako Sasaki was a young Japanese girl who was a latent victim of the Hiroshima bombing. In 1955, she developed leukemia at the age of 12, as a result of the radiation from the bomb. She did not want to die and so laid belief in an old Japanese legend and she began to fold Origami cranes in order to make 1000 and have her prayers for life and peace answered. Tragically she died after folding 644. Her friends were very inspired by her prayers and hopes for peace and they completed the 1000 and raised money to build an inspirational memorial to Sadako in the Hiroshima Peace Park. To this day, this story inspires thousands of children all over the globe to pause and think about war and peace.

We took this story to 4000 children across 18 schools of Vadodara and had meaningful discussions about peace and the children’s feelings about the state of our world. The responses were scintillating. Further, each school folded at least 1000 cranes and created beautiful installations of art which were displayed for public on Oct 2, 3 and 4.

C. Jtex

D. Sarai

E. Teacher  training

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