QUEST is a program where we work with children of ages between 4 – 15 years. We work with approximately 250 children every year under this project. And this year we are now using the internet as a platform to leverage our services online by putting up all our highly specialized workshop designs developed over 5 years online for parents, educators and community workers at no charge.

QUEST is a yearlong, leveled, multi-disciplinary program for different age groups. These programs hone children’s communicative and thinking skills. The process includes a lot sharing and dialogue, learning from one another and is designed through inquiry units modeled on the teaching for understanding framework.  These units pursue a couple of central questions of inquiry. Each session includes a large chunk of time for the project on hand and some time is also spent on building on standalone activities of reading, writing and speaking through activities, games, puzzles and worksheets.

At the end of the level children walk out with establishing an identity, exploring the self, thinking in different ways, asking good questions, getting organized, taking responsibility and learning personal leadership.

AURA programs are for children, educators and parents. These programs can be long term, individual workshops and customised interventions for schools.

There are two main channels through which we work:
The focus is to build the crucial communication skills of reading, writing, speaking and presenting. The children must not only be able to use language effectively but also take personal pleasure from language – for instance playing with words, reading, appreciating the beauty of a well made book, connecting to a beautiful song or poem etc.

The other focus is to encourage children to think and question. Children acquire new knowledge and how to apply it. Moreover they are also exposed to opportunities which require them to generate new ideas, evaluate existing ones, put ideas together, and solve problems, look at different viewpoints and satisfy curiosities.

All this is integrated into exciting and challenging theme based units or group projects. These units are based on the Teaching for Understanding framework. This fosters team spirit and builds trust in others and respect for diversity and interdependence.

The arts – music, visual, performing – are an indispensable part of any of our offerings for children as well as adults. This inclusion helps in making the program holistic and enjoyable. We are looking to add on the dimensions of sports, scientific thinking and mathematical thinking as we progress and grow.

Time is essential for learning – a good, unhurried, satisfactory chunk of time. Since we work outside of school life, we have limited time with the children. Hence our insistence that in order to see any impact, any transformation children will benefit more from a long term relationship with AURA. Therefore we have designed year-long, leveled, special, multidisciplinary programs that hone children’s communicative and thinking skills.

For each group the class is held bi-weekly. Each session is 90 minutes long and these 90 mins are roughly distributed as follows:

  • ‘sharing time’ – 15 mins of groups sharing and dialogue
  • ‘skill time’ – 15 mins of games and short activities where children acquire and practice targeted skills for development of language and thinking
  • ‘inquiry time’ – 60 mins of working on a unit or project that usually spreads out over 12 to 15 sessions. These projects help children to explore and deepen their understanding about our world and are a ground for them to apply their skills, to learn to work in groups and to make them independent in executing a project. We use internet resources, hands on experiences, field trips, meeting with experts as part of the projects. These are great fun for the children and culminate in a product or performance that is useful.


I feel privileged that my child got an opportunity to be with Aura. She got a space & freedom to be her own self which she would not have got otherwise. She learnt many things connected to life, infact the values of life, which though we as parents want our child to learn yet can’t teach them & at Aura, it is taught so smoothly and finely that the child does not even has the realization of having learnt such an important lesson of life –Zankhana Shitole, Natasha’s Mom (This is Natasha’s second year with us).

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