Seasonal Blossoms

Every so often there are times that take children to a different level, a different experience. In Standalone Workshops, experts are invited to interact with children, making the learning enjoyable and unforgettable.


Drama Dhamaal . . . explore your dramatic potential

A theater workshop motivates children to appreciate the value of learning and discovery, while continuing to help build their self confidence and feelings of self worth.


Fold unfold your imagination

Story weaving+ origami=storygami! Taking pieces of simple square of paper, fold it this way and that and whip up all kinds of stories


Bind it, shape it, bake it – make magic!

Taking the humble “atta” the children were guided in creating a glossy, chic and long lasting figures and plaques. These were then baked, painted and varnished to last a lifetime.

Paisa Vasool

Make the money grow

A workshop to learn the tricks of business and entrepreneurship.

APT (Appropriate Paper Technology)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Waste cardboards are recycled to make different furniture pieces. All the steps from dreaming, designing, cutting cardboard pieces and strengthening them to withstand the pressure it is intended to take needs one’s creativity, patience, clarity, and persistence. Giving final touch to one’s own creation and using it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Ame Toe Lila Chhamm! (ATLC)

Go Green!!

Setubandh children learnt gardening skills and also unleashed their creativity by designing and decorating a green corner on Aura terrace.

Terrarium Workshop

Green buddy on by my window!

Terrarium is growing plants in a closed atmosphere small enough to sit on a desk or on the window sill mostly indoors away from direct sunlight. Terrariums have their own eco system recycling air and water.

Mom’s group and Setubandh children learnt to make Terrarium by exploring the history, the technique and practice.

Where’s away?

Journey to the place called ‘Away’!!

The 3 “R” army (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is out to explore the concept of ‘Use and Throw Away’. They learnt with a fun story titled “where is Away?” how nature and all other creatures recycle and keep the planet in balance. Experimenting with papier mache and APT was extra bonus!


I never looked at the word, “courage”, so deeply and differently. I learned to think about words, deeply and differently. – Chaitali from Level 5 (standalone workshop on ‘Courage’)

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