SETUBANDH is a bridge of love and friendship with the underprivileged of our society. Here we work with a group of 40 slum children in Kalali, 25 children of factory workers in Halol and 15 adolescent Muslim girls in Tandalja. The purpose of this program is to build hope, possibility, positivity and resilience into the community. We use innovative methods and techniques to unleash their inner strength and creativity and inspire them to become self guided individuals.


  • Empowering for growth
  • Building Self-esteem
  • Building confidence
  • Exploring the world around
  • Rekindling a learned spirit
  • Thinking different
  • Asking questions

Remedial Measures

Setubandh provides remedial measures to those children who are not up to the mark in their academic progress as per their age and the grade in which they are studying.

In order to do this, we provide various material like relevant worksheets, story books , other exercise material and so on.

The focus is on Math as well as languages like Guajarati, Hindi, and English. This helps the children to build basic education in their learning process.

Value Based Education

The core purpose of this approach is to instill essential value in to children. Some of these values include Respect, care love, work in group, cleanliness, faith and so on. This provides an opportunity for each child’s inner strength to develop. The hope is that as they grow up these value become second nature to them.

Learning Corner Program

We believe that all children need a balanced education that focuses on both intellectual and emotional development. For that each Sunday one hour we provide them opportunity to showcase their interest and smartness in group and enhance their self esteem. During this time we also provide various learning material which helps them keep busy in their learning journey.

Skills Based Program

In this approach we try to develop children’s skills such as thinking skill, organizing skill, life skills, and imagination skill and so on.

Inquiry Based Learning

Learning is a process oriented, includes a lot of dialogue and sharing, learning from one another and is designed through inquiry units modeled on the teaching for understanding framework. These units pursue central question of inquiry.

Some of the units are

  • Samvedna(five senses)
  • Bhamta bhamta bhaniye naksa(learning atlas)


Children went o watch a movie in theatre. They were very excited as most of them were visiting a movie theatre for the first time.

Participate in parents of the park

Children participated in a group activity where we gathered all the children who were present in a municipal park and played games, listened to stories and did creative activities.

Individual Counseling and Other Support

A need was felt to support and guide those children who have outgrown our center but continue to be in touch with the teacher. These children are guided and supported financially and academically. More importantly, they are also encouraged to share regularly with the center teacher to keep them away from getting into bad influences and delinquent behavior.

A need for medical help is required from time to time. This need is at the moment, is being addressed by Vaishali in her personal capacity. Children are also learning to be aware about how to manage to avail the SSG hospital facilities which are available to all for free.

  • Story telling
  • News paper reading.
  • Reading festival
  • Kite making.
  • Body Awareness
  • Drama workshop


This year we started a library for setubandh kids. This library is set up and managed by children with the help and guidance from teacher

Maa Tuje Salam

This year, we deeply felt like connecting to Setubandh children’s mothers. So we started a programme called Maa Tuje Salam program with moms group to strengthen mother child relationship


This year many volunteers came forward to share their resources in the form of financial help as well as sharing their knowledge with Setubandh children to expose them to something new and different.


It is heartening to see that once while teachers were gone for 5 days out of Vadodara, some children took the initiative and started teaching the younger kids. This practice is continuing since then.

Managing the library by themselves. Cleaning and maintaining the center

Buddy program

Three girls have taken initiative to adopt 3 younger boys for teaching them to read and write.

  • After the Reading festival has enhanced children’s interest and reading skill.
  • A bright and capable girl Pooja is supporting the Tingoo batch classes twice a week in addition to being trained for doing various tasks at Aura from time to time.

Individual Student Progress Chart

Next year, we plan to start identifying each student’s development and create a progress chart system. This will help us keep track of each child and also provide a greater source for communicating with the child’s parents.

  • Home visit:This will help us to bring about awareness and support for the children on all fronts.
  • Develop systematic curriculum:This upcoming new year we are planning to develop systematic curriculum to plant future seeds of values and help expose our children to a more holistic method of personal growth.

Setubandh Kalali: We work with two groups of children from the kalali slum between the age group of 6 -16 years. We develop innovative methods and techniques of teaching language, math, value education and life skills to these children.The main purpose of this work is to help children develop life skills such as decision making, better communication, organization skills, inter and intrapersonal relationships, intelligent and relevant questioning and leadership.

Charankanya: Here, we work with 15 adolescent girls from an under privileged section of a Muslim community. We work with them to unleash their inner strength and creativity, inspire them to become self guided human beings, nurture leadership qualities and enhance decision making and problem solving capabilities. As these girls work has house labor it is very difficult to keep them engaged for long hours, therefore we try and reach out by conducting once in two week workshop on various topics of inquiry such as:

  • I am special, celebration, joy of creativity
  • Build individual and group leadership
  • Inspire innovative thinking
  • Equip them to take intelligent risks to accomplish their goals / dreams in life
  • Capacitate them to come up with creative solutions to accomplish their goals
  • Promote problem solving
  • Nurture strategic thinking to achieve life goals
  • Accept change as a part of life

Setubandh Halol: We work with two groups of children who are children of factory workers in an industrial area of Halol between the age group of 4 to 8 years. We develop innovative methods and techniques of teaching language, math, value education and life skills to these children.

The main purpose of this work is to help children develop life skills such as decision making, better communication, organization skills, inter and intrapersonal relationships, intelligent and relevant questioning and leadership.


TEACHER QUOTE: Last four years were amazing. As a teacher I value not only teaching but also learning from my students. This two ways cycle keeps us all growing and makes our lives so fulfilling and exciting. There are many positives stories which show result of our small but loving effort. I feel blessed to be a part of this and am excited to continue to implement new ideas and new way of teaching and interacting with our children In order to keep planting strong seed of value, education, and love in their mind and heart. – Vaishali

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