Who We Are

AURA was started on October 2nd 2007.

AURA was born out of a need to ‘joyfully servethe ‘child’ in each one of us that is constantly longing to learn, evolve and be free. We build communities of conscious learners that focus on inner transformation. Our tools are service and generosity. And the vessel that holds this is love and kindness.

We work with children, mothers, youth, teachers and older people.

We believe that to cure any kind of unhappiness in the world we have to first learn to be happy as individuals and then transfer that happiness into the collective. And, so at AURA all our work springs from complete joy. We operate from the paradigm of ‘What is possible?’ and build on individual strengths to enable learners transform fears into possibilities, boredom into excitement, loneliness into connections, failures into an opportunity to learn. Every motivated learner takes back this learning into his community of influence and designs his own unique project to carry this work forward.

We invest a lot of time, thought and expertise in designing every program using contemporary theories of learning and development, wisdom from great thinkers and wisdom of the group.

Contact Us

Krishnadham Society,
Vasna Road,
Vadodara 390015
Gujarat, India
Email: jagruti@auraplace.com